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Purpose of Establishment / Mission


Researches and Standardizing Activities
In June of 2001, the former 'Technical Committee' and 'Standard Committee' were united to form New 'Technical Committee'. Under this New 'Technical Committee', Sub Committees have been set up for the specific themes.

As for forming a new Committee, it is necessary to make the proposal concerning the purpose, period of time, members, and to be approved by Board Meeting.

The summary of achievements of the Committees are published in the bulletin as a technical report of the Committee, and used as references in the seminars and meetings, or published in 'JSSC Technical Report'.

Sub-Committees of Standardization create not only the codes and standards of JSSC(JSS), but also proposals for establishment or revision of JIS Standard.

Academic Activities
At present, under Academic Committee, Sub-Committee for
Steel Construction Symposia, Editorial Sub Committee for the collected papers “Steel Construction Engineering”, and Sub-Committee for Technical Exchange Planning with the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan are in action. The activities of those Committees are as follows;

Steel Construction Symposia
This was set up in July of 1993, and since then, is open to the public as an opportunity to publish their technical reports. The reports presented in the Symposia can be read in JSSC publication ' JSSC Journal of Constructional Steel', which is pay-distributed to the participants of the Symposia and JSSC members.

Publicity of 'Steel Construction Engineering"
Since the first issue in March of 1994, this has been published quarterly as the journal of treatises involving public participation, and pay-distributed to general public as well as JSSC members. The treatises are screened on the effective screening procedure for rapid publicity. This is also an opportunity for researchers and engineers in the field of steel construction to publish their treatises.

Technical Exchange with the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
Co-operating with The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, JSSC holds an annual symposium.

International Activities
JSSC also puts a great effort on participating in the international activities and exchanges with similar organizations overseas. The main international activities and organizations are as follows;

1) The international organization that JSSC has a membership

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
JSSC is the deliberative body of ISO/TC167 in Japan, and participates in the activities of TC and SC1 (Steel: Material and design) and SC2 (Steel: Fabrication and erection) as a Participating Member (P-Member). In addition, SC3 (aluminum structures), no organization in Japan has participated in it yet. As for SC1 and SC2, the final drafts of both Committees have been approved, and published as International Standards. SC1 became ISO10721-1 in 1997 and SC2 became ISO10721-2 in 1999.

Pacific Council of Structural Steel Association (PSSCA)
PSSCA was founded in 1998 to hold the Pacific Structural Steel Conference (PSSC), to promote cooperation among the structural steel associations in the Pacific-rim countries, and resolve common issues in the field of steel structures and structural steels among the Pacific-rim countries.

The member body of PSSCA shall be the most representative association in each country, therefore only one association from each country is admitted to the membership.

International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE)
IABSE has the longest history as the association covering the both field, civil and constructional engineering. It currently has more than 4000 members, both Individual and Collective Members in more than 100 nations all over the world. JSSC joined IABSE as a Collective Member in 1968 and has been the secretariat of Japanese Group of IABSE since 1999 after taking over the business from Japan Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE).

2) The international Congress sponsored or co-sponsored by JSSC

Pacific Structural Steel Conferences (PSSC)
PSSC was held in August of 1986 in Oakland, New Zealand for the first time, and now, is held once every three years sponsored by an association of steel structure in a Pacific-rim nation in turn. PSSC is also regarded, by scholars and researchers, as an opportunity to exchange knowledge and opinions about practical themes such as design criteria, market development and, environmental problems, as well as to publish the achievements of their researches or studies.

3) Exchanging with relevant international societies
Apart from the activities above, JSSC frequently receives the overseas exchange study missions and dispatches those abroad.

Public Relation Activities
In June of 2001, as a Standing Committee, Public Relation Committee was set up. Moreover, under Public Relation Committee, Bulletin Editorial Sub-Committee, which is in charge of editing the bulletin 'JSSC', and Public Relation Sub-Committee, which is in charge of public relation activities using web site, were set up to integrate the public relation activities of JSSC.

Bestowal of Awards
This activity was restarted in 1995, and now, 3 kinds of awards, JSSC Award, Outstanding Achievement Award and Brilliant Thesis Award are given. The awarded achievements are selected by Award Committee, approved in Board Meeting, then, commended in General Meeting.

Activities of Organization for Building Steel Structure Qualification
In 1996, for the quality control of constructional steel structure, JSSC formed Organization for Building Steel Structure Qualification as an organization responsible for qualifying examination system cooperating with relevant organizations and the Administration. In 1998, several certifying examinations began. At present, Ultra Sonic Testing Engineers for Steel Structural Buildings, Quality Examination Engineers for Constructional Steel Structures, Administrative Engineers for High-tension Bolt Joints, Supervisors for Steel Construction Works are in operation. In addition, this organization is now working hard on, for the better quality of steel construction, technical problems of steel construction and educational problems of young engineers.

Symposia, Seminars, Training Courses and Forums
JSSC publicizes the achievements of the Committees in the seminars or meetings, and sponsors the events stated bellow. Both Kansai and Tohoku District Liaison Groups have special seminars and observation trips inviting the experts from the relevant field as guests.

Steel Structure Symposia
Since 1993, this symposium has been held every year in November for young researchers, engineers and graduate students as an opportunity to publish the results of their studies and researches. The treatises presented in this symposium are published in ' JSSC Journal of Constructional Steel'.

Steel Structure and Corrosion-Proof Painting Forum
Since 1978, this forum has been open every year in October as an opportunity for the engineers in the field of steel construction and corrosion-proof painting to exchange the opinions and information. This was 24th in 2001. The treatises presented in the forum are published in 'The treatises on Steel Structure and Corrosion-Proof Painting'.

JSSC publications are issued in accordance with the rules of JSSC publication apart form the bulletin 'JSSC', treatises with some exceptions. Most of the publications mentioned below are edited and published by JSSC, but some are edited by JSSC and published by other publishing companies.

JSSC bulletin 'JSSC'
Issued quarterly. The editorial policies are decided by Editorial Sub-Committee.

'JSSC Technical Report'
The Committees' activities such as researches, studies and achievements of standardization activities are published in this report as the occasion demands.

Treatises of Symposia, Reports of Conferences
Following symposia or conferences, the treatises and reports presented in them are issued including those from general public.

'Steel Construction Engineering'
This is the publication of treatises and technical reports regarding to steel construction involving the wide-range public participation and published 4 times a year.

Survey of Disasters, Report of Study Mission and Conference Participation
These are issued as the occasion demands.

Sponsored Researches & Joint Researches
As a part of JSSC‘s activities, it has assigned to carry out researches by related societies or organizations as well as by related ministries, agencies and public corporation. JSSC has involved in more than 180 researches and has achieved excellent results in striving for further developments.
JSSC is currently working on creating the rules of the necessary procedures and methods of activities in order to enable to take in the researches for various purposes flexibly.

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