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JSSC has General Meeting as the supreme decisive organ, Board Meeting as the supreme executive organ, and Executive Committee in order to steer all the activities of JSSC and support Board Meeting. Under Executive Committee, there are some Standing Committees; Technical, Academic, International,Public Relations Committees, both of which are under Technical Committee, and about 30 Sub-Committees have been set up. Under these Standing Committees, there are usually from 15 to 20 Sub-Committees according to the specific purposes.
In addition to these Committees, there are 4 Sectional Committees composed of Corporate Members classified by the business fields.

Apart from the Committees above, Award Selection Committee and District Liaison Groups, all of which work closely with Board Meeting, have been formed. As local groups, Kansai District Liaison Group and their Sub-Committees are currently in operation.

Moreover, as the responsible organization of technical certifying work regarding steel construction, the Organization for Building Steel Structure Qualification (OBSSQ) has been set up.
Administrative Meeting as the supreme decisive organ, Certifying Committee as the sub organization, and Technical Committee and Execution Committee for each qualification have been formed.

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