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Profile of JSSC
Greeting from President
Purpose of Establishment / Mission


Membership Category
JSSC created Associate Membership for the young promising engineers or researchers including graduate students in 1999. Consequently, there are five categories of members.
The Membership categories are as follows;
1st kind Regular Member (Corporate Member):
Companies related to structural steel and steel construction
2nd kind Regular Member (Individual Member):
Individuals engaged in scholarly research or business related to structural steel and steel construction
Associate Member:
Individuals working or studying in the field regarding steel construction
Special Member:
Institutional organizations or academic societies regarding steel construction
Honorary Member:
Individuals recommended in General Meetings

Application for Membership
How to join JSSC is mentioned below. For further information, please refer to the 'Application for Membership'
Fill out the application form, and then submit it with an entrance fee (unnecessary for Associate Members and Special Members) and an annual membership fee. On the receipt of an application form, Board Meeting is summoned for the examination of the applicant's qualification for admission, and after that, the notice of admission is sent.

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